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The Wonder Years Season 3
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Title:The Wonder Years
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Air Date: 1989-10-03
Season Number: 3
Total Episodes: 23
Overview: The Wonder Years tells the story of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) facing the trials and tribulations of youth while growing up during the 1960s and 70s. Told through narration from an adult Kevin (Daniel Stern), Kevin faces the difficulties of maintaining relationships and friendships on his enthralling journey into adulthood.
Stars: Alley Mills (Norma Arnold), Danica McKellar (Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper), Fred Savage (Kevin Arnold), Jason Hervey (Wayne Arnold), Dan Lauria (John "Jack" Arnold), Josh Saviano (Paul Joshua Pfeiffer), Olivia d'Abo (Karen Arnold), Daniel Stern (Narrator (Adult Kevin))

All Episodes on season 3

Summer Song

Episode 1 : Summer Song

October 03, 1989
Math Class

Episode 2 : Math Class

October 10, 1989
Wayne on Wheels

Episode 3 : Wayne on Wheels

October 24, 1989
Mom Wars

Episode 4 : Mom Wars

October 31, 1989
On the Spot

Episode 5 : On the Spot

November 07, 1989
Odd Man Out

Episode 6 : Odd Man Out

November 14, 1989
The Family Car

Episode 7 : The Family Car

November 21, 1989
The Pimple

Episode 8 : The Pimple

November 28, 1989
Math Class Squared

Episode 9 : Math Class Squared

December 12, 1989
Rock 'n Roll

Episode 10 : Rock 'n Roll

January 02, 1990
The Tree House

Episode 15 : The Tree House

February 20, 1990
The Glee Club

Episode 16 : The Glee Club

February 27, 1990
Night Out

Episode 17 : Night Out

March 13, 1990

Episode 18 : Faith

March 27, 1989

Episode 20 : Goodbye

April 24, 1990

Episode 23 : Moving

May 16, 1990


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